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Meera scandal 2013-14 - Meera Controversial Sexual Video Full Length

[ Monday, January 20, 2014 | 12 comments ]

Meera scandal 2013-14 - Meera Controversial Sexual Video Full Length, Its a Real or Fake Please advise us in comments. 


They are making fool Pakistani people, We know its a real because the video is made by Laptop and they are making by self how they called its a fake?

"Captain Naveed" released that video by self because he want publicity. I watched their interview in a program of ARY News "Khara Such" (Full Interview) which they are accepted. Meera denied every time and Naveed accepted three to four time but Meera was confused.

Captain Naveed said many time in the interview that he is married to her but Meera never said she's married. 

This is just a drama and its all designed by "Captain Naveed".

Captain Naveed said in first Video "Isne 4 Plates Sushi khair hai ajj raat ko hotel mai ghomay ki chaddi pahen ker hotel ki stairs per" what the fuck is this? and in the program Naveed said its a normal?

Its a Real Video, and Exposed by Captain Naveed.

If the video exposed by another person so their faces angle should not be in front of the camera.

Its a full length video no frame change everything play in a single frame, there is no multiple frame. Video is made in Single Shoot. Pakistan Authorities should be punished Meera & Captain Naveed. Pakistani People should be kick on their back :). They are shameful act to get fame.  

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